Who can do the INSANITY work out?

You will need a reasonable level of fitness, be healthy with no joint pain. Low inpact variations of the exercises are given where needed.


What should I expect in an INSANITY class?

To be pushed to your limits and beyond. Each class consists of a warm up, three blocks of exercise, an abs section and stretching.


What exercises are used in INSANITY?

They use body weight exercises such as tuck jumps,burpees and high knees.


What do I need to bring to a class?

Water, a towel and a positive attitude!


How much are the classes?

All classes are £6.


Are they mixed classes?

Yes, all classes are for men and women, new exercisers through to seasoned exercisers. Must be 16 years or over.


What do I wear?

Whatever you find easiest to work out in. You will get hot so layers are good. Trainers with good support are essential.